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Does Your Employer Help You De-stress?

01 March 2017

by Gemma Foley

Sometimes it’s localised to a project; sometimes it’s part and parcel of a job, but when stress at work starts to affect your wellbeing, it’s time to take a step back. Consider whether your issues are physical or emotional, short-term or long-standing, how much of an impact your employer can realistically make, and if enough is being done to support you. We believe nothing is more important than our staff’s happiness, and here’s how we help to preserve it:


It’s no secret that exercise is a big stress-reliever. Releasing endorphins, boosting morale and maintaining health, physical activity can help to alleviate a wide range of problems. Our employees are free to take a 1 ½ hour lunch if they want to hit the gym – enough time to work out and eat. 


Blowing off steam can be as simple as socialising after work. Not only will you get to know your peers outside the office, you'll have time to decompress before heading home. That’s why we arrange free drinks every Friday at prime destinations across Spinningfields. Cheers!


If stress is taking a physical toll, it’s important you receive prompt medical attention. A company that prioritises your health will have benefits in place to address the problem quickly and without cost to you. Oliver James offers BUPA dental and health cover for your complete peace of mind.


An open-door policy is key to dealing with the emotional side of stress. You should feel confident to approach your manager about a problem, especially if it relates to work. We provide regular one-to-ones for staff to discuss issues, plus an environment where lending an ear is always encouraged.

Remember, any business worth its salt should put your wellbeing first. If you feel like yours is compromised in any way, talk to Oliver James – because to us, you matter.

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